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Day: November 3, 2011

Man Man’s “Piranhas Club”

I once saw Man Man perform here in Brooklyn a few years back at the Masonic Temple, a cool venue if you’ve never been. My friend Jesse dragged me along since he wanted to see Yeasayer who opened for them. And, since my girlfriend at the time wasn’t with me (and possibly out of town), I was really drunk. We met these British girls and were chatting with them when Yeasayer came on. I commented that the lead singer looked a lot like Rick Astley and sang the song as a joke and they commented that it was pretty good and it was.

Between the sets while Man Man was setting up, I wandered to get another drink with Kat and then went to find Jesse. I found him talking with the drummer from Yeasayer. I approached them. Jesse was telling the dude how big of a fan he was and how great the set was. Then I started in:

Me: Hey, you’re the drummer from Yeasayer, right?

Him: Yeah, man.

Me: Yeah, you guys were pretty all right. Not exactly my cup of tea, but it was a good set.

Him: Thanks.

Jesse: *worried*

Me: I really liked that one song that was pretty metal.

Him: Yeah, that’s my favorite one too!

Me: No shit, because all drummers are either into jazz or metal or both.

Him: Dude, I’m the only metalhead in the band!

Me: I know it.

At which point Jesse was beet red with shame, I toasted the dude, and wandered off. Later that night we were at a party and it was pretty fun and then I went home and thought, “Damn, what the hell.”

What does this have to do with Man Man? Not much. Get over it and watch the John Waters inspired video. I don’t need you to judge me.

Gwar’s “Gor Gor”

In honor of the passing of Corey Smoot, Gwar’s current guitarist and the sixth human to play Flattus Maximus, I present the video for one of my favorite Gwar songs, “Gor Gor,” from 1992’s America Must Be Destroyed.

Casiokids’ “Det Haster!”

Here’s what I’ve learned from this video: Norwegians have complicated relationships with stuffed animals. Luckily, this document of their troubles with the cotton-filled kind is backed by a dreamy synthpop track which I think is great.

Darkest Hour’s “Your Everyday Disaster”

Darkest Hour are one of the few bands to come from the early 00’s period of groups stealing At The Gates riffs that I not only still listen to but who I think is still putting out good music. It doesn’t hurt that the dude’s voice is super distinctive.

The video is one of those “check out our backstage life” ones, but with cuts that probably don’t even last a whole second. It’s all right, if a little relentless. I would have appreciated a little bit of tempo shifting in the cuts, but it’s not that surprising since the song is the same way. Whatever. It’s cool. Check it out.