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Day: February 22, 2011

Rotten Sound’s “Hollow”

HAHAHAHAHAHA the cheeseburgers are having Olympics!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….oh wait. What?

Preview the new Dark Horse Axe Cop book

Do you like Axe Cop? FUCK NO YOU DON’T!!!! YOU LOVE AXE COP!!!!!

Appropriately, I bet you’re pretty psyched that Dark Horse is bringing out Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth as a series of comics printed on genuine dead trees! Well do you want to get a preview of the new series?! OF COURSE YOU DO!


It’s so AWESOME!

The Beatles perform their hit “Smack My Bitch Up”


A follow up on a post from the other day

Last week I posted about a breakthrough I made about the writing process. A few days ago, I somehow found myself on Judy Blume’s website. I followed a tweet of hers that someone retweeted but I don’t remember who did it. It doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that I spent a little bit of time on her site reading through what she had to say about writing and found advice that echoed what I have discovered the other day.

Before I begin to write I fill a notebook, jotting down everything that pops into my head about my characters and story—bits of dialogue, ideas for scenes, background information,descriptions of people and places, details and more details. But even with my notebook, I still don’t know everything. For me, finding out is the best part of writing.

It’s pretty cool to have such an established author reiterate a conclusion you came to on your own. It makes me feel as if I am on the right path creatively and that is awesome.