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Day: December 3, 2010

Philip Roland’s “Hey. Jackass.”

A few days ago, a friend sent me quite a funny list from a Tumblr called Philip Roland Is Going to the Moon. She told me it reminded her of me and I told her that it reminded me of me too.

Generally, it’s actually pretty good advice. There were a few that stood out for me.

— You will always get the door, offer your seat, and do the dishes. And you will do so without a moment’s hesitation.

— Coffee. Black. That’s it.

— It’s simple, really: If you’re going up the escalators, stand behind her, and if you’re going down, stand in front of her. You are there to break her fall. Similarly, when outdoors, walk on the side closest to the street. A man acts as her buffer.

— A real man understands the equality of women at home and in the workplace. Nevertheless, a real man knows his number one priority is to protect her, and that someone who works against that is not a man.

— He knows that there is more to a woman than her breasts, her butt, her legs. When he loves her, he loves all of her. This is not a sacrifice for the greater good: He is genuinely and painfully enraptured with her ankles, her throat, the way her shoulder blades poke against the tight fabric of her shirt and how the crescents of her collarbones curve in dim light. He worships her knees, her fingers, her toes and the alien topography of her ears. He is ensorcelled by this soul of a woman. A man is his own creature but, at the same time, completely and utterly hers.

And there were a couple I completely disagree with.

— A real man does not dance. Unless he has to. And if he has to, a real man knows how to.

— Never forget the prefix “Man” in “Man Tears.” Occasions when they are permitted: Anytime during Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, the climax in 300 and Boromir’s death in Lord of the Rings. Occasions when they are strictly forbidden: Crowning the new American Idol or during any movie that isn’t Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, 300 or Lord of the Rings.

A real man DOES dance because a real man does not worry that he will look stupid in front of others when dancing is appropriate. A real man DOES NOT cry at films. Ever.

Check out the rest of the list here: Hey. Jackass.

James Kibbie & Bach’s Organ Works

Don’t lie. This morning you woke up thinking, Man, I could really go for a complete collection of Bach’s organ works in handy AAC format. And you didn’t have a SLIGHTLY dirty thought about the phrase “Bach’s organ works”. See? Aren’t we so grown up?

Well, you’re in luck!

Recently, James Kibbie, Professor of Organ at the University of Michigan, recorded and released all 270 of Bach’s organ works. What’s better is that he released them all for free.

Holy shit! Awesome! Organy!

You want ’em? Go get them here: James Kibbie & Bach’s Complete Organ Works