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Posts published in “Day: March 19, 2010

Let Matt Toder guide you through the magic of internet video on

My friend Matt, of Steve’s Word fame, loves television more than anyone I know in the whole world. Growing up he wasn’t allowed it by his parents, so he came into it as an adult and devours the stuff with all the fervor of a fresh convert. During pilot season, the man is a veritable trove of TV thoughts, opinions, and commentary. Want to discuss every nuance of last night’s episode of Lost? Matt’s your man. Want to know which pilot will succeed and which will fail miserably? Matt. Want clarify a bet with a buddy about some detail on a television show? Matt. His capacity for detail is amazing.

He and I have had the following conversation numerous times.

“Joe, did you see [insert X show here] last night?”

“No, Matt, I didn’t.”

“What? It was awesome? How did you not see it?!”

“Well, I was making dinner and just didn’t watch. I’ve never actually seen any episodes of [insert X show here].”

“You’ve got to see it, man. It’s great.”

Rinse and repeat.

With that considered, when I saw his sparkling face on reviewing this weeks hilarious interweb videos, I realized that he’s about one degree away from the job he was born to do: discuss television shows for a living. Well, 30 year old unpaid intern Matt, I hope they let you keep doing this because I will gladly watch every single one.

Check it out at the link above.