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Morbid Angel’s Domination

In a day when there were only two cores—hard and grind— and before anyone crabwalked their way through a music video, before there was a scene for which there could be hair, before anyone auto-tuned the clean vocals in their songs, Morbid Angel released an album called Domination. The year was 1995 and I was 13 years old. I had been listening to Morbid Angel for some time at this point. I owned 1989’s Altars of Madness and 1991’s Blessed Are The Sick, but it was their third album, 1993’s Covenant that was the important one. I have no idea how many times I’ve listened to this album, but it must be in the healthy triple digits. The count was probably into the triple digits when Domination came out in 95. It was right up there with Vulgar Display of Power and Chaos A.D.

I listened the living hell out of that record. In case you are somewhere around my age and are unfamiliar with Covenant but you were around to see Beavis & Butthead, then you might recognize this video.

Pretty killer song right?

I know it is.

And then Domination came out and for some reason I thought they’d gone soft on me. I was disappointed with the album and it never really enter heavy rotation the same way that Covenant had. The songs were weak and soft. They basically made a fucking pussy ass country record I thought. I felt betrayed, so Domination was lodged into the back of my brain as Morbid Angel’s failed mid-career attempt at selling out.

Then a few weeks ago, I decided I’d give their “new” record a shot. Of course, this was early 2010, 15 years after its release. Morbid Angel had released three records afterward, yet in my head, for whatever reason, Domination was still the “new” one. Weird how that happens.

And, wow. Was I wrong in my opinions of the album. Domination fucking SLAYS. Perhaps you’d be interested in hearing the song that pretty much convinced me that Morbid Angel had gone soft on this record? Here it is.

What the hell? Was I serious? Something in me thought that this wasn’t heavy enough? “Where The Slime Live” is an amazing song, yet 13-year-old Joe thought it was total pussy crap. I was an idiot! In all likelihood I still am!

In case the sample wasn’t enough, here are a couple more tracks from the record I had dismissed as not heavy enough.

[audio:|titles=Dominate|Artists=Morbid Angel] [audio:|titles=Nothing But Fear|Artists=Morbid Angel] [audio:|titles=Inquisition (Burn With Me)|Artists=Morbid Angel] [audio:|titles=Hatework|Artists=Morbid Angel]

Yeah. I know. Totally soft right?

I think I’ve proven myself here. If you’ve got some old records around that you maybe didn’t get into the first, give them a listen. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you hear.

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