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Day: May 15, 2009

On singing in metal 4.1 – The Agonist’s “Business Suits and Combat Boots”


…..eeehhhhh, not so much. Just goes to show that while one song can be totally brutal, the next one my choke on a million dicks. I’ll chalk this one up to inexperience since it comes from their first record while the previously posted video comes from their sophomore release. Getting heavier is always good.

The Metric System Naïveté Second Party – 5/08/2009

The second Metric System party went off last Friday the 8th like gangbusters. It was a good time, maybe not as crazy as the first, but it felt more cohesive. So, good job, us. We kicked ass. Look for another party in 6 months!

Here’s the gallery! The Metric System Naïveté Second Party Gallery – 5/08/2009

Here is a selection of my favorites

I think this set of photos, overall, is pretty good, but not as good as my first one. I don’t know what the difference was. I guess sometimes I’m just not as on as others. Oh well. There are some definite keepers in this which is the whole point. I’ve really got to work on using my flash to better effect when there’s absolutely no other ambient light around, as was the case during this party. I’m not entirely sure what I could be doing better while maintaining the look. I’d like to have better control of the light in general and be faster at adjusting the flash output without resorting to bullshit auto-mode. E-TTL II my balls. What I need, I suppose, is practice. These events are good for learning, but I’ve got to figure out some better shit for next time. I also think it would be helpful to have another photographer JUST to cover the performances, someone equipped with a fast, long lens who could focus on the stage, while I wandered the crowd, telling people not to smile, with a fast, wide lens taking photos of people. I want this one, but I think it’s a little too expensive for my soon to be jobless situation.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. I have a backlog of stuff I’m still working through, so keep your RSS readers peeled for more.