Recently I was in Richmond, VA working with Livio Sanchez, an editor from our Santa Monica office, on a commercial for Canopy towels and sheets. We had been scheduled to work Sunday, but due to Livio’s skillful and expeditious editing, we were able to have Sunday off. Yay! We asked the guy at the desk in hotel lobby where we should cruise and he told us to go to Carrytown, which has lots of “quirky shops”.

Well that sounded like a fucking horrible way to spend a beautiful, hot Sunday. Instead we went to Belle Isle, which is the site of a notorious Civil War prison for Union soldiers and about 8 million times more interesting than shops. I can shop in fucking New York, man.

It was a beautiful stretch of land in the middle of the James River filled with people sunning themselves on the burning hot rocks in the middle of the rapids. There is a footbridge leading to the island suspended from the freeway overpass that sways when there are a lot of people on it. Tons of people were having trouble walking on it as it swayed, but I didn’t. I suppose standing on moving trains has helped me out there. This is a poorly written Black laser entry. Just look at the photos.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Here’s the whole gallery: Belle Isle, Richmond, VA Gallery – 04/26/2009

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