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Elektronik Supersonik

My friend JJ sent me an e-mail with the subject “Best video ever.” that said:

Joe this will be your theme video for the blacklaser.

JJ was absolutely right. Of course, the video and song are nothing new to me. But that does not make JJ wrong, just late to the party a little (you are strong and handsome, JJ).

In case, for whatever reason, you’ve never seen the video for Elektronik Supersonik, here it is.

It contains all the things that make my life wonderful: lasers, science fiction, synthesizer music, bad English, mullets, pink hair, Eastern European crap, space flight, cheesy video effects, sexual innuendo—the list goes on and on.

Zlad, a fictional pop music star from the also-fictional Molvania, went on to star in a second video called “I am the Anti-Pope”

I think the second video, while certainly higher in the blasphemy department, isn’t quite as good as the first. Elektronik Supersonik is special, zany and lo-fi just before zany and lo-fi became the cool thing to do. I approve.


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