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Posts published in “Day: January 8, 2009

Odiusembowel, song titles to warm the heart

My brother Charlie sent me a link to Death Musik, a site filled with death metal music. The top post was one called “Odiusembowel – Vomit Sucking See You Next Tuesday Lips (EP)” which I thought was just delightful thing to name a record. It called to mind the song titles of Broken Hope which thrilled me so when I was in middle school. I was right to think that “Felching Vampires” was an intense name when I was 12.

So imagine my surprise when I looked past the title of the album to read the song titles on the 6-track EP.


  1. Penis Eaten by Rectum
  2. Labiaplasty
  3. Tapeworm Martyr Nailed on the Cock
  4. Splendid Blood Stained Embrace of Your Mischevious Shit Covered Cannibal Cunt-Elixir
  5. Limp Dick Coprophilia
  6. Debuculating Bleeding Ass Friggery

What beautiful words! It’s almost like they took a small velvet satchel, wrote down a single offensive word on a piece of human finger bone, shook the bag, poured out the bones randomly, and then lined them up and got song titles. I know what these words mean, but in context they mean nothing. I sent Charlie the posting and we both agreed that the band probably sucked, trying to make up for it with ridiculous song titles.

Then he sent me their Myspace and it turns out that we were both totally wrong. Not only do they not suck, but they are fucking brutal. There are no surprises here; they are exactly the kind of heavy, gore-obsessed death metal you would expect from their band name, album title, and song titles, if you have experience with that kind of thing. Surprises or not, however, they do what they do well. I approve.

They have a CD for purchase which I’m going to get. I assume it’s this 6 track EP. I am going to try and get a copy and I’ll let you folks now how it is.

Man on Wire

Here is the trailer for a documentary film I worked on last year.

It’s pretty awesome and if you like cool stuff—which I assume you do because, well, you’re here, right?—then you’ll like this. It’s about Philippe Petit’s wirewalk between the as yet unfinished World Trade Center towers. Philippe is a maniacal raconteur, a showman, a giant personality in a little body.

It came out on DVD a few weeks ago, so if you haven’t yet, check it out. It’s worth your time and money, I promise. I’m waiting for the Blu-ray.