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3 new music videos.

I was watching my recorded Headbangers Ball yesterday—which has mysteriously moved to the wonderful 2 to 3am time slot on MTV2, double ewe tea ephraim?—and I saw three new videos worth commenting on.

The first is the new Motorhead video for “Rock Out”.

I’m not a Motorhead fan. I can appreciate the band for what they are, but their music has never really done it for me, whatever “it” is. That’s not to say I have no respect for a band that has made a career out of writing essentially the same two and a half minute song over and over and over and over. How can you not respect that? It takes a special kind of balls to pull that shit. Their new video, however, is amazing. I’m not sure what about it I like so much. It’s not the song. It might be the cinematography, which is quite nice for a metal video. It might be the de-emphasis on the band’s performance. It might be how personal it all feels. In all likelihood, it’s all of these and something else. Just watch it and you’ll see what I mean.

The second video is Abysmal Dawn’s “Programmed to Consume”.

What the fuck is going on in this video? Nothing. This video chokes. What the hell is the deal with the HAL looking thing opening and closing? Why so many sparks? Are they in a spark factory? Is it an ironic visual metaphor for Sparks? Note to whomever thought this one up: symbolism only works when there is a connection between the images and whatever the hell you’re trying to say. The song isn’t even that bad. It’s not exciting, for sure, but it’s not bad. Just not great. But, fuck, the video sucks. Next.

The final video for today is Whitechapel’s “Possession”.

I think that this video is pretty unremarkable. It’s typical David Brodsky stuff. Funny colors, shaky cam, smeary shit. That guy must be churning out metal videos at a rate of one every three days. Ninety percent of the videos on Headbanger’s Ball are directed by that guy. I guess it’s good he’s found his niche. I’m posting this video not to harp on the video, or to praise it, but because I think this song is so fucking brutal that I had to share it. This band is awesome. The album this comes from, This Is Exile, kills. That’s it. Rock.

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