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Tag: Peter Serafinowicz

Hot Chip’s “Night & Day”

I am glad to see Hot Chip working with Peter Serafinowicz again. The last video they did together was awesome and weird and dissonant and perfect. When I saw this one pop up, I had my hopes up that it would be more of the same weirdness. I was not disappointed. We’ve got dancing monks, Reggie Watts, some space blonde, libraries, and god damned General Zod.

Why is General Zod here? WHO CARES.


Feeling stressed out today?

I know. We all are. It happens. Try to relax a little with this soothing Dalek relaxation tape. Let your worries be EXTERMINATED.

Peter Serafinowicz’s KFC commercial

Man, if KFC doesn’t buy this creative, they are going to really regret it down the line. The music is perfect. It really says to me, “This is a wholesome, All-American meal I would be proud to serve to my family.”

Kitchen Gun!


Markets of Britain, a short film by Lee Titt.

From Peter Serafinowicz, comes a short documentary by a fictional filmmaker. If you don’t laugh at this—especially when he’s naming the animals—you are dead. DEAD TO THE WORLD. LIGHTEN UP.