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Do you live in 10023, 10069, 10014, or 10013?

Do you love farm fresh food, but you are too damn busy (or, admit it, lazy) to get yourself to the farmers’ market?

Do you struggle with trying new things because you are overwhelmed with all the choices?

Then, my dear reader, Quinciple might be your jam. What is Quinciple, you ask? A tremendous question, friend! Let me quote them at you.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 4.07.36 PM

Ok, well that doesn’t really tell us how it works, does it?

Quinciple works in three, easy steps.

  1. Join! – Easy, ya dingus. Join, give them your address, and pay 49.90 per week. Simple!
  2. Get! – Your box of curated groceries is delivered to you on Thursday nights by a cargo tricycle. Seriously. Hip AND environmentally responsible!
  3. Taste! – Eat your lovely, locally sourced, organic produce. To make it easier in the case that you are not really sure what to do with one of the box’s contents, you’ll get some recipes and tips included. I was going to make a joke about not knowing how to use some esoteric thing in this month’s box, but there’s nothing in it that I couldn’t think of a at least a few uses for, so there you go. Produce you don’t have to be scared of!

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You are no doubt wondering why I am using my time here on The Black Laser to shill for something that seems totally unrelated to my usual topics of (one-sided) discussion. Full disclosure: Kate, one of the cofounders, is a friend and Sarah, my prewife, is working with them as outreach director promoting the hell out of the fledgling company.

Honestly, I think that leaves me in a perfect place to recommend the company to people. I believe in Quinciple, not just as a business, but as a concept and a set of values. Because that’s what it is, deep down. Ostensibly, it is a service akin to a CSA, but delivered and curated. Really though, Quinciple is an extension of what Kate and Markus value about food: getting high quality products from people they trust and sharing the food with customers in an environmentally responsible fashion. It is, in a lot of ways, diametrically opposed to the Monsanto-style, anonymous megafarm that has dominated US agriculture and food production since after the second World War. And I think that’s great. Besides, Kate has impeccable taste; there are few people I would trust as much to surprise me with some incredible food thingie as her.

And that’s what you get with a curated box: surprises! Who doesn’t like good surprises? No one. Well, maybe someone, but screw that guy, right?

I think people were excited about the samples at the launch party.

I think people were excited about the samples at the launch party.

If you care about how and what you eat, and if you care about how your food is made and where it comes from, then check out Quinciple. I think you’ll be pleased.

And if you are outside their currently limited delivery range, have faith. They will be expanding over the next year to deliver to folks all over this fine city. Which means you. And me. Since I don’t live in 10023, 10069, 10014, or 10013.

We are getting a box this week. Look forward to a write up and some photos of us enjoying the hell out of it.

My friend Michael hates iceberg lettuce. Let him tell you how.

Yeah, fuck you, Iceberg! Though, you are delicious as a vehicle for blue cheese. Go to hell!

Thanks, Michael!

Taco truck review for 4/24/2010 – El Carrito Rojo

Here’s something new for The Black Laser: taco reviews. I eat a lot of tacos and tortas. They are easily my preferred fast food. And I don’t mean goddamned Taco Bell or some vile, hellish misinterpretation of the humble, noble taco. Instead I like to eat from trucks and carts and stands and restaurants. At one point I was going to do a spate of taco reviews for the recent insurgence of delicious taco joints in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for Steve’s Word. Alas, Steve’s Word is no more, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of delicious taco places out there that you, my lovely readers, need to know about.

I’ve been working at No6 Editorial for the last few weeks. When I lived on the South Side of the ‘Burg, I would take the J train to the F at Delancey and then get off at 23rd street and 6th Ave, just two blocks from the office. Since my move, however, I no longer have easy access to the J train, so I’ve been taking the G to the L at Lorimer and then just getting off at 14th St and 6th Ave instead of waiting for the F to take me one stop. I walk up 6th Ave now, an 11 block walk, and it’s totally fine. Nice even.

One day I noticed that there was a taco truck, El Carrito Rojo, parked on 19th Street at 6th Ave, just after the Bed, Bath & Beyond. A bell went off in my head. A taco truck! I must try it! Weeks passed and I walked past the truck every day, but I never actually ate there. Then, today, on my way in to the office, I figured I’d stop and buy a carnitas torta there. For 5 bucks I got what might have been the single best torta I’ve ever eaten. It’s not just that I was hungry or that it was beautiful outside or that I had a sandwich loaded with pork and beans. No, it was something else. It was the magical mezcla of salt and jalapeƱo and guac and beans and wonderfulness.

If you work or live or find yourself in the neighborhood here, I cannot recommend El Carrito Rojo highly enough. The torta was the perfect thing for a beautiful Saturday in the office. Go.

Photo taken from Taco NYC.