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Tag: Commercial

Vitamin Water “Keep Your Vits About You”

Here’s some recent work I did with my friends Circus Maximus and Punkle for Vitamin Water UK. It’s got nearly three million views on Youtube so far! Awesome!

I think it came out pretty damn nice. I miss the original cut which had about 2 minutes of the dude smashing the computer, but we all knew it was never going to survive that way. Regardless, I am happy with the result.


Canadians are serious about safety. DEADLY serious.

Dear Draft FCB and Canada,

What the fuck? These are amazing. I think I watched the guy blow up like 10 times. I’ll probably watch him blow up another 10. If you do another round of these, can I please please please please please be the guy who yells “there’s been an accident!” I promise not to goof around too much and add “eh” to the end of each of my reads. Only a few takes will sound like this:

“There’s been an accident, eh! Sorry for yelling!”

Please? PLEASE?!

Thanks to Sarah for making my day hilariously darker with these amazing PSAs from America’s hat.

EDIT \\\\ Sarah sent me a compilation video of all 5 spots. WOW. I’ve replaced the videos above with the supercut. Original links here and here.

Mountain Dew: The Dark Knight Rises

Sorry about the cruddy quality on the Youtubes. I was not responisble for uploading this spot. HOWEVER, I am responsible for the voice over work at the end of it. Yay! Check it out.

Peter Serafinowicz’s KFC commercial

Man, if KFC doesn’t buy this creative, they are going to really regret it down the line. The music is perfect. It really says to me, “This is a wholesome, All-American meal I would be proud to serve to my family.”

I wish television ads were still like this