After the gonzo masterpiece of a video by Bonde Do Rolê below, comes this archetype to generic shitty metal videos. Let us examine the tropes this video shamelessly embraces, shall we?

  • Band playing in a warehouse.
  • Band lit from below.
  • Band wearing all black.
  • Dude walking through a field.
  • Barrels full of fire.
  • Dude with a shovel.
  • Close-ups of shredding.
  • Chubby baby-faced member of the band.
  • Did I mention unbelievably boring warehouse band footage?
  • Shitty symbolism.
  • I was talking about the sapling.
  • Looks like it was made for a dollar.

Did you spot any I missed? And I’m only talking about the video. The song is just as generic and shitty. The singer sounds like he’s trying to sound like Devin Townsend, but he lacks the fucking balls to pull it off. And what the fuck kind of name is “Communic”? Is it a play on “community” and “cynic”? Because if it is, that is fucking stupid as fuck.

So there you go. Watch the Bonde Do Rolê video below and leave this stinker alone.