I’ve been having trouble with heavy music lately. Nothing I’ve been hearing has been resonating with me. I listen to this new band, I listen to that new record, but there’s nothing all that exciting. Maybe it’s where my head is, maybe it’s where the industry is, most likely it is a combination of both. Instead I’ve been listening to a lot A LOT of weird house music and drum & bass, which is doing it for me as I walk home or wander through the streets in search of something to fill my time. I haven’t found anything yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

I’d read about these guys Abiotic somewhere and made a note to check them out at some point. Then while perusing Youtubes the other day I clicked on this video and left it opened, unwatched in a tab for a week. The video, unsurprisingly, is pretty fucking stupid, but I kind of dig the song. I could listen to a whole album by these guys. Really though, all it does is make me wish I had the new Pig Destroyer album already. Did you know that Phantom Limb came out in 2007? I know! 5 years ago!

I suppose I’ll bide my time until the new Pig Destroyer with Abiotic, but I’ll do so grudgingly. Maybe, instead, I’ll bide my time with Protest The Hero, Machine Head, and Celeste. Like I’ve been doing for months. Time to put Scurrilous back onto my phone!