This morning Jesse texted me.

Have you seen the Howie Mandel Watusi video? I thought of you…

I replied.

E-mail it to me.

He e-mailed me the link.

I replied.

I have never seen that before, but it might have changed my life. For the worse.

He replied.

Yeah, right?
It’s amazing- I hate it so much – yet it also predates Tim & Eric and reminds me so much of their aesthetic and what they mock and love – but it has no irony – but then that makes it more real – but the real is a bad – but I hate it – I can’t stop watching it – I love it – I hate Howie Mandel – but I understand myself better – but I don’t like what I now know.

I finished the chain off with this message.

You are getting Black Lasered in about 6 minutes.

I present this here for you all so that you understand what it is I am working with. There are definitely bright points, this being one of them.