After bitching about being sad last week, let me start this week with a music video because it means I don’t actually have to provide you with any meaningful content. You might get a letter later, not sure. We’ll see.

I’ve been listening to this Monarchy record a bit recently and I am a little mixed on it. I like the music, but the dude’s lyrics are kind of bullshit sometimes and kind of good other times. And when they’re kind of bullshit I get pulled right out of the music. Too bad. But I really like this song and I dig the astronaut video all in close up that they probably shot in a dark room. Simple, nice effects, cool song. A smidge emo, but who isn’t a smidge emo right now?

One other question, Monarchy. Is this the fucking obelisk that turns into the phone booth in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on your album cover?

Because if it is, that is awesome.