Does anything else in the whole world put the taste of the 90s into your mouth harder than this track? Actually, I can think of one other (and I’ll post it soon), but damn. Even this video is 90s it hurts with the shitty computer effects and colors and crap? Holy shit.

Last summer at some point, Charles and I got all 4 Loko’d out and went to this really weird 15th Anniversary party for the movie Hackers—which is awful—and they played “Halcyon & on & on” like maybe 8 times over the course of the night? Luckily, I quite like the track so I didn’t find it so terrible. There was a noticeable paucity of rollerbladers there that night, unfortunately, but it was still and fun, weird party that I would never go to again. Funnier on paper than in execution, but not everything can be a million dollar idea. Still, we had fun.