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I started a Tumblr.

“Joe,” you ask, “isn’t The Black Laser already enough of a blog for you?”

“No,” I say. “The tumblr will serve an entirely different purpose.”

I guess the idea behind the Tumblr is to collect random crap from around the internet that wouldn’t necessarily warrant an entire post on The Black Laser. I mean, I already do a lot of that here, but it’s mostly videos and other things I like mixed in with actual Joe-generated content. The tumblr won’t have real content on it. Maybe I’ll post snippets of my better blog posts here on that thing, but, fuck, I don’t know. Really, I was just pretty bored at home tonight and since starting blogs is the 21 century’s equivalent of building train sets in the basement that’s what I did.

Head on over to Tumblr and check the new hotness out: The Black Laser’s Ray Gun*

*The name may change. Don’t look at me like that.

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