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Bangs’ “Take U To Da Movies”

This is an internet classic, and I am sure you can understand why. I mean, just look at it. Bad composites, silly song, inane content, utterly sincere performer, the whole thing might as well be an object lesson in the perfect viral internet video. And the Youtube hits—6,161,198 as of this writing—suggest that I am correct.

What I think is really great about this though is the purity and naïveté of the sentiment Bangs is expressing. It’s not about bitches and bling and popping 9s, but about taking some nice girl he fancies on a date where he is going to make sure she gets popcorn and has a nice time because he likes her. Beneath all the imported US trappings of modern hip hop (money everywhere, pimp gadgets, gold chains, the trappings of the “baller” life style) is a sweet song about young romance. “Let me take you to the movies, shorty. I’m sure later on you’ll be my baby.” He’s courting her with nary a mention of ass shaking or pussy popping. Refreshing, right?

“Hey shorty, where you at, where you going? Can I see you later, because I can see you’re busy right now.” Respectful to a fault. Good man, Bangs, good man.

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