My buddy Josh, who you might remember as one of the directors of The Sword’s “Fire Lance Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians” (which I never made a post about for some reason even though I am in the g-d video, what the hell is that about?), directed this fully amazing throw-back video for Township’s “Golden Light” and “Pushing Metal to the Bone”. It is clearly inspired by the shitty local cable instructional videos of our collective youths with all the awkward edits, excessively long pauses, picture degradation, and tracking errors of a ninth generation dub. Perfect.

The songs are awesome, reminding me of the best of 70s stadium rock. There’s a very powerful Thin Lizzy vibe running through the songs on Township’s One More Summer and I really dig it. My only complaint is that I can’t find where I can pick up the LP. I am listening to the album right now on Spotify (awesome), but why is it so hard to give these guys my money?!