All of you all might recall that I went to Barcelona recently for a wedding. Well, one of the fine folks who done got hitched is this man Jamie Bianchini. Jamie has spent the last few years riding a bicycle around Africa exploring, meeting people, and learning about the continent. But let me allow him to describe the trip rather than trying to put words at the ends of his fingers.

If you are like most people, just the word Africa conjures up images of starvation, war, disease and violence. Before my 22-country cycling expedition through the continent I was also ignorant and fearful–mostly due to so many negative news reports from the mainstream media. But I faced my fears to make my journey to see Africa with my OWN two eyes.

While riding my tandem bike and inviting dozens of locals to join the journey a burning desire grew inside to finally educate the world on the TRUTH of how fascinating the cultures are, how interesting the history is, how amazing the music sounds, how beautiful the landscapes are and, most of all, how kind, loving and caring the African people are. Help us to stop the ignorance by releasing a fun, exciting, colorful, insightful, educational and progressive series that will forever change the way to world thinks when they hear the word AFRICA.

He’s a damned cool dude with a wonderful young family and I, the Black Laser, the Pope of the Multiverse and all its Denizens, do believe that you should support his cause. He’s got a LONG way to go until he hits his 85k goal, but nothing’s impossible. If you can, donate even just a few bucks. Think of it in terms of beers you’d buy in a bar; that always helps me.

Get donating!