Man, I fucking love Cut Copy. As I’ve said before here, I think they’re a band that has matured so nicely over the course of their career, a band from whom I hope we continue to receive great music that makes me want to dance whether at work developing my post-production tan, at home cleaning the filth from my apartment, or anywhere the hell else it’s good to listen to music.

The premise for the video goes like this: what IF instead of nuclear mutants living underground in Beneath the Planet of the Apes they were the apes themselves and instead of worshipping a nuclear bomb they worship the little bits of Cut Copy they needed to assemble the band for the performance of a single song? And, what if instead of destroying the world with nuclear fire, they burned the instruments in fits of simian rage after unleashing the power of Cut Copy’s music? That’s pretty much what we’ve got here. And it’s pretty damned cool.