Bodi Bill are back from the wilds of Germany with this lush, beautiful video for their track “What?” What? Oh, right, what.

Anyway, last time I described their sound like an Andrew Bird house record and I think that’s still a totally true—and complimentary—description of their sound. I am tempted to call this emotional dance music because it makes me want to move, but also makes me feel wistful and inspired and all sorts of things on this ugly, rainy New York day. The song is lovely and tranquil and makes me want to seek out their record. I am listening to it on Spotify right now and I am fighting the urge to buy it on vinyl. It’ll have to wait until I get paid again. It’s really good. Really really good. You should be listening to it. Do I need to go to three “really”s to convince you?

Thanks to Anton at Sinnbus for the heads up. This is great.