Holy shit, I love Covenant. Their music is such a guilty pleasure for me, but one that I don’t really feel all that guilty about. They are, to me, exactly what moody industrial dance music should be. Catchy hooks, emo ass singing, fat as fuck beats, nerdy computer stuff, science fiction references, Swedish. Fuck man, these guys are perfect.

As such, it astounds me that they have so few music videos. I can only find two music videos that seem legit, this one for “Call The Ships To Port” from 2002’s Northern Light and another for “Bullet” from the same record. That means they haven’t made a single music video for 9 years? Crazy! Northern Lights is their sixth studio record and they’ve released two more and a live record since then, so where are all the music videos? That’s not to mention the countless singles and remixes and all sorts of other output.

I mean, like, fuck, right? Pig Destroyer has more music videos than these guys and I am willing to bet that, worldwide, Covenant outsells Pig Destroyer. Not that I don’t love Pig Destroyer, but if we have to judge the relative accessibility of the two bands, Covenant stands heads and tails above Pig Destroyer as the more accessible band. No question.

Enjoy this and go check out the band. If you’re on Spotify, you can listen to basically everything they’ve ever done on there. The newest record, Modern Ruin is so good. And listen to “Dead Stars (Version)”. Oh god, and “Wind of the North”. And “Edge of Dawn”. And “Ritual Noise”. So many good songs. And when you come back here and you totally hate them, just remember that it’s your fault, not mine.