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Indubious Cosmic Seed


I don’t know who these guys are or what they’re about except kicking out hot Reggae jams from their home planet of Oregon, but my wonderful, old friend Deegan produced and mixed this record for them. Check them out.

Indubious’ homepage

Aside from spending a few days three years in a row at Reggae on the River in youth, this is not exactly my scene or the type of music I prefer to blast when I need to work or write or relax or get pumped up. But, some people really like it and who am I to begrudge them that? Like what you like, I think, just don’t ever make me listen to Dave Matthews Band or that one song by the Kings of Leon. Ugh.

Apparently these gentlemen also have some sort of deal Dutch Brothers, the drive through coffee chain in the Pacific Northwest. Isa hyped them up super hardcore when I was up there this summer, but I was sadly disappointed to discover that their coffee was extremely forgettable. At best. But it’s cool that these guys have the hook up, low quality coffee or not; you’ve got to promote yourself however you can these days.

Go checkout their music and buy a cd or something. Awesome.