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An inspired triptych.

While in Minnesota, I was looking out at the hazy expanse of seemingly endless water on Lake Superior and I was reminded of Sugimoto Hiroshi’s Seascapes. Standing on the edge of the inland sea there I thought I should probably see if I can create something like I remembered them to be. I ended up taking three photos, all of Lake Superior, at different places and times of day. I am going to get them printed and put them on my wall which I think will be nice, but I am having a hard time deciding which ones I like more, color or black and white.

Here are the color ones.

Here are the black and white ones.

They will hang in this order, left to right, on the wall as 12″ square prints. I highly recommend clicking on the photos for a closer look or even going to Flickr to look at the 2K sized ones.

My only hesitation is that the last time I printed black and white photos for the wall, I ended up hating them. But that might be because that was a whole lot less thought out than this. Anyway, I’d love your comments.


  1. Lauren Lauren September 24, 2009

    the black and white ones are easier to balance as a triptych. the colors one can have a beautiful asymetrical composition. on triptychs i’m a sucker for the formal balance. but there is also the element, like a northern european altar, where the closed doors of the triptych are painted in grisaille on the exterior panels, and all color on the interior. so there’s a thought. two monotone, one color, or reverse.

  2. Lauren Lauren September 24, 2009

    but there’s also a natural progression of 2, 3 , 1.

  3. Don Diggler Don Diggler September 27, 2009

    Dude. The color ones rock my hard body. Do the color. Live in the now

  4. poopants poopants September 28, 2009

    At first I was like COLOR. Then I looked at the B/W ones and I was like B/W. Then I looked at the color and I was like COLOR. Then I looked at the B/W ones and I was like B/W. Repeat. Now I want a sandwich.

  5. JJ JJ September 29, 2009

    I like the colored ones, even though I am a fan of b/w, they just “look right” to me especially as I am imagining them on nicely sized 12″ squares…

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