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Land’s End & Sutro Baths – 2/24/2009

Juli and I went for a walk along Land’s End to the Sutro Baths while we were in California. It was a beautiful day, fresh and clean after heavy rains the day before. Also, if you find yourself at the Sutro Bath’s and hungry, go to Louis’s and get a chili burger. Though you’ll expect to get a burger with chili on, what you’ll get is chili with a burger underneath it. Wicked.

Here’s the gallery: Land’s End & Sutro Baths Gallery

Here are some of my favorites.


  1. mikey mikey April 15, 2009

    It looks like there are ghosts in these pictures.

  2. Don Diggler Don Diggler April 19, 2009

    Sweet fucking camera bra dude

  3. The Wizard The Wizard Post author | April 19, 2009

    The camera is only a tool, bra homey.

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