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Tag: Rusko

Rusko’s “Everyday”

I want to like this, but I don’t. I don’t like it at all. I’m not sure if it’s the weird, not-quite-working mixture of trance and brostep and some weird world/Juno Reactor shit in the track or if it is the utterly contentless music video with visuals that could be neat but are really just boring me to tears. And what the hell does Rusko, a British producer, have anything to do with people living on what looks like the California/Arizona border? Nothing. And the giant lightbulb sign in the desert? Neat, but who cares? That is really what this whole video boils down to: a giant pile of “who cares?” The youtube description notes that they shot it on the Arri Alexa. WHO CARES? I’d rather have had them shoot on a VHS-C camcorder and make something coherent.

Granted, it was photographed nicely. I will give it that.

Am I being too harsh? Whatever. This video kind of sucks. Maybe I’m just in a funky mood and being a dick.

Rusko & Reso’s “Lick The Lizard”

Everyone’s favorite British brostep producer Rusko is back with this collaboration with Reso from Rusko’s forthcoming single for “Everyday/Lick The Lizard”. The video is filled with enough lovely classic J-horror footage to brighten up even this fine, rainy, gray, horrible New York City day. Enjoy, humans.

Rusko’s “Woo Boost”

This is crossover Dubstep superstar Rusko’s video for his track “Woo Boost” which came out in May on his album O.M.G.!. If “crossover Dubstep superstar” meant absolutely nothing to you, don’t worry. You’re still in the 99.95% of people out there who don’t know what the fuck Dubstep is, much less who the stars of the genre are.

Anyway, listen to this on some good speakers for some lovely weeble wobble basslines.