Did I ever tell you about my David Lynch dream? David Lynch and I were walking around a Blockbuster trying to decide of a video to rent. I can’t remember if we picked something or not, but we finished up and went outside. We walked along the street somewhere in California, under an overpass, and then decided to get some coffee. We passed a Starbucks and went in, which is odd because I hate Starbucks, but in we went. Inside, we saw Laura Dern sitting at a table. “Hi, Laura,” I said to her. “Hi, Joe,” she said to me. “David.” “Laura,” he said. And then there was a bunch of really weird tension and I felt super uncomfortable. Then Lynch went outside and waited until I’d gotten the coffees and I made the “Oh, awkward” stretched mouth face at Laura Dern. And then I woke up.

Is it weird to dream about the relationship tension between two people you’ve never met?

Here’s another of my favorite Lynch moments for you to enjoy.

Hahaha. He’s so great. Whether you enjoy his films or not, you have to appreciate the man for sticking to his guns and making work he loves.