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Tag: E-40

Philthy Rich’s “Feel’n like Pac” (featuring E-40 & 2pac)

With each passing day, Deegan becomes more and more entrenched in the East Bay Hip-hop community and I love it. Regular readers and friends will immediately recognize Deegan in this video, but for those of you that don’t fall into those categories, you have two options.

1) Click on the “Deegan” tag at the bottom of the post and find the recurring dude in all the posts.


2) Look for the only white dude in the video.

Also, wow, this whole “shot on a 5d2/7d” look sure has become easily recognizable. Not that it’s bad, but definitely recognizable immediately.

Anyway, neat, if simple, video for a song I really feel nothing about. I’m just waiting for Deegs to show up in a metal video. That would be amazing.

My friend Deegan playing his role as “The White Guy in the Corner Mixing With Gloves On.”

Breaking from the wilds of the East Bay, CA, here’s a video from featuring E-40 talking a little bit about the production of his new double record and sipping from a keg cup.

More important that a Bay Area hip-hop legend’s musings on the dopeness of getting Bj√∂rk sample cleared is that my old, old buddy Deegan is at the helm of the mix, taking care of a room full of rappers, hangers-on, and other folks. Yup, that’s Deegan in the gloves with the beard. Good job, Deegs!

Help my friend get his gold record and buy one of each of E-40’s new records.

E-40 – Revenue Retrievin: Day Shift

E-40 – Revenue Retrievin: Night Shift

Do it! Help Deegan retrieve enough revenue to pay his son’s bills. You know you want to. I just did.