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Month: November 2012 (page 1 of 2)

It’s Christmas music season again!

Which means it’s time for The Black Laser’s annual post of the best Christmas song ever performed: Joseph Spence’s “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

Though some have argued it should be titled “Sanny Corr is Cunninghhh Huuhnnnn”, I prefer the original title.

Nile’s “Enduring the Molestation of the Wicked”

Oh, come on, Nile. I really want to like this, and I think that the record you released this year, At The Gate of Sethu, was the most interesting work you’ve done in years. Rather than your typical wall of blast beats, the album featured bits of groove. Sure, you’re not as groove-y as, say, Protest the Hero, but it was a big improvement for you, Nile. I was proud to hear that you were progressing beyond the click click click of standard tech-death.

But this? This is beyond boring. I’ve had the video sitting in an open tab for a week waiting for a moment to get to it and when I finally did, I nearly fell asleep. No hyperbole, I nearly fell asleep for a million years. To death metal. I love death metal. Oh, Nile.

I guess I’ll just have to go back to Ihsahn’s ear-splitting saxophone solos on Eremita.

I have some advice for you, pal…

Stop being such a giant, entitled pussy. Girls don’t like you because you are a giant piece of shit. The end.

Oh, Japan!

Do you people even consider this shit weird, or is everything so extreme over there that this flies right under your radar? What is going on in that island country???

The Sword’s “The Veil of Isis”

Today I discovered that The Sword has released a new album and no one told me. For shame, the world! How dare you not tell me about this! RUDE.

Also, this video has a naked space chick. Enjoy!

Vision of Disorder’s “Hard Times”

Maybe you didn’t get the memo, or maybe you thought VOD was ancient history, or maybe you came up listening to metal later than I did, or maybe you’re just a giant piece of shit, but Vision of Disorder has made a triumphant comeback this year with their new album The Cursed Remain Cursed. And holy shit it kicks ass.

It’s like they wrote a late 90s/early 00s metal record with a more modern sensibility and more grown up tastes. It’s a perfect parallel for my growing up as a metalhead. VOD released their last record in 2001 when I was 19 years old, and this one now in 2012 as a 30 year old. But instead of releasing an album that sounds steeped in nostalgia for a metal era that no longer exists, they took what was awesome about those albums and updated it. And it’s super fucking awesome.

Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom”

…Or “Lady Gaga Gets Lost in South Africa”.

Die Antwoord: keeping up the weirdness.

Red Fang’s “Dirt Wizard”

Man, am I the only person disappointed in the video? After the pure awesomeness of the last few Red Fang videos, this one feels positively pedestrian.

When considered against other bands’ videos, this is a totally solid road footage/live footage video, but I can’t help feel that it doesn’t live up to their previous work. Red Fang remain, however, a fucking awesome band.