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Month: September 2012


Of COURSE these guys are Manowar fans. Of course.

Hot Ham & Cheese’s “Nah Bitch”

Today, Deegan sent me this fine example of human ingenuity, creativity, and taste. It is beautiful.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ “Your Love”

I’ve been listening to this new Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs record for a while and it’s pretty good. It’s not blowing my mind, but it is a solid piece of work. However, I think this video is magnificent. Really. I love it. I wish I had made it.

Pig Destroyer’s “Burning Palm” lyric video

Lyric videos are LAME, but this is fucking Pig Destroyer so shut the hell up and watch.

Rob Delaney on jerking John Travolta off.


Sarah Dances – “Dancing On My Own”

Here we go again. I know we were talking about how we were going to do one of these a week, but that became unreasonable what with life and all. Nevertheless, it feels good to put another dance video out.


Murder Construct’s “Red All Over”

Have you been listening to the new Murder Construct record? If not, why the hell not? If so, it’s pretty awesome, right?

For those who don’t know, Murder Construct is a deathgrind supergroup consisting of members of Cattle Decapitation, Intronaut, Exhumed, Jesu, and a bunch of other heavy bands you’ve heard of. A couple years ago they put out a 7 track self-titled EP that acted as a total tease to what could be an incredible album experience. Thankfully the album was just released this month and it fucking slays.

The video above is exactly what you’d expect: fast cuts, blood, violent imagery, darkness. It’s awesome.

Converge’s “Aimless Arrow”

Holy crudbutt, I haven’t posted anything since August 21st. My bad!

This is Converge’s new single and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t actually have an opinion at all. Listen to it. Tell me what you think.