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Month: August 2012

“Did I mention I like to dance?”

You did, Flynt Flossy. Quite a few times, in fact.

Keep the production values high, Turquoise Jeep!

Watching light at a trillion frames a second.

This is amazing. Amazing! I don’t even know what else to say. In 30 years this is going to seem so primitive, but right now I am amazed.

However, I do think it is funny, though not surprising, that he ignored any military application for this tech. Honestly, who do you think is going to make this a practical tool? The military.

The most dramatic cup of tea EVER.

Hans Gruber may be a dick, but he sure does make a mean cup.

What happens when astronauts get heartburn at zero g?

Why, they take Alka-Seltzer of course!

And this is what it looks like.


The correct way to eat a watermelon, by Tom Willet.

I’ve posted about the proper way to eat a watermelon before, so I figured I’d share this video with you all of a man teaching you how to eat a watermelon. Did you know that one serving of watermelon is half the fucking melon? Neither did I! Seems like a tad too much, call me loco. And isn’t it just so helpful when he shows us what a fork looks like? I know. What a sweetheart!

Watch out for the fork cartel! Perpendicular! Eastern sector! 1 15/16″ diameter! Very good watermelon! Debating whether you can complete something that is partial! Marshmallows! Archemides’ principal of watermelons! The sudden realization he thinks he’s talking to children! Peanut butter! If it’s salty peanut butter! Chocolate milk!

Man, this is the most charmingly pedantic watermelon video ever. You really need to watch it. I do have one question though…

Where’s the twang of salt? Oh. Wait. He totally addresses that.

Machine Head’s “Darkness Within”

I haven’t even watched this fucking thing. But who cares?! I’m just crazy like that! I’m a fucking lunatic posting Machine Head videos on my blog before I’ve even watched them! FUCK IT! I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT!


Psy’s “Gangnam Style (강남스타일)”

Do I speak Korean? No, I do not.

Do I need to speak Korean to like this video? No, I do not.

Do I have any idea of what the hell is going on in this video? No, I do not.

Do I love the living hell out of this thing? Yes, I do.

I ask you one question about this: Why?

The other morning, I was lying awake in bed with Sarah and this song popped into my head.

Why? Where did it come from?

I mean, I know, but why at that moment at like 6:30 in the morning, all half-asleep and warm and comfortable, did Deicide’s 22 year old song about the film Evil Dead pop into my head?

I just don’t know. I’ll never know. But, listen to it and feel free to add it to your own repertoire of self-song-raping songs. You’ll be glad you did.