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Posts published in “Day: July 2, 2012

Thrice’s “Promises”

I recently fell back into Thrice in a big way. They were a band I listened to regularly around 2002, but they sort of dropped off my radar after that. The Illusion of Safety is still an amazing record, but as a thing that I am aware of they sort of disappeared. Maybe I was listening to too much grindcore and futurepop. Who knows. My friend Mia posted a Thrice video on her Facebook a month or so ago and I thought, “Damn, why haven’t I seen what this band is up to?” I went onto Spotify and saw they’d put out a record last year. Boom. Done.

And it is incredible. The record is lightyears away from The Illusion of Safety’s hardcore stylings. I recently commented on the Twitters that if you wanted to understand what the term “post hardcore” meant, then listen to Thrice’s newest record Major/Minor. They’ve taken their hardcore roots and let them mature into a sound that is not hardcore, but is informed by hardcore in a major way. It’s a grown up album for Thrice and perfectly suits them. They are not the young dudes who wrote The Illusion of Safety more than a decade ago and Major/Minor reflects that.

It’s a solid record and you should listen to it right now.

Major/Minor by Thrice on Spotify.