Happy motherfucking power metal Friday! Wait, is that a thing now? Power metal Friday? It should be. So, I guess, it is now. Fuck it, why not, right?

To celebrate our very first power metal Friday, here’s Rhapsody’s new video from their forthcoming album Ascending to Infinity. I am not even sure which Rhapsody this is, since at some point the band split in two and they both call themselves the same thing which is really weird and annoying, but it means that we get twice as much Italian, dragon-infused power metal and no one can be mad at that. No one.

The main take away from this video, for me, is that Rhapsody’s production values have certainly improved since the video for “Holy Thunderforce”. Also, “Holy Thunderforce” is a fucking rad name. I don’t like the new singer as much as the last dude, but he works.

Anyway, power metal. Do it. Love it. It is all for you.