Between revisions today, I was listening to School of Seven Bells new album Ghostory (thoughts soon), and then wondered why I had never sought out any of their music videos. It’s weird because “I L U” from 2010’s Disconnect From Desire was hands-down my favorite track of the year. It’s just so damn catchy but also really pretty. I still really like it.

Well, a quick Yotubs search turned up the official video for the song. Here it is, nearly a year and a half after I wrote about how much I love this track. The video is really good too, even if I think the papier-mâché marionettes are incredibly creepy. It has all the things I like in music videos: simplicity, strength of concept, and beauty. It’s touching AND terrifying. “Awwwww, the dude and the chick are in love and they’re going at it! OH MY GOD THOSE CORPSE MARIONETTES ARE FUCKING EACH OTHER AND, HOLY LIVING FUCK, IT’S REACHING IN AND PULLING THE HEART OUT OF THE OTHERONE!!!!!

Great work all around.