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Day: February 10, 2012

Huoratron’s “Corporate Occult”

This is Huoratron’s other single. The video for this thing is highly work unsafe, so go ahead and heed the warning at the beginning.

I don’t have anything terrible smart to say about this except that it is an awesome track with an equally awesome, terrifying video. Get pumped for the release of Huoratron’s Cryptocracy in April. Doesn’t that sound like a super metal name? Maybe it’s just how close it sounds to Cryptopsy, but Cryptocracy could easily be the title of some old school death metal record and 12 year old Joe would have been all, “Damn, that is fucking metal, dude.”

Huoratron’s “$$ Troopers”

I read that Huoratron is coming out with a record and thought, “Man, did I ever post that on The Black Laser????” And guess what?!?! I hadn’t! What the hell! How could I let you all down like that?!?

On the strength of this one track, Charles and I went to see Huoratron (pronounced “whore-a-tron”) at Webster Hall. Prior to the show we sat in front of a college dorm and drank a couple 4 Lokos (the old, good kind) each. They we went into the seething madness that is a party at Webster Hall and danced until we were sweaty, awful messes. It was great. Huoratron’s set was fucking awesome and jarring and dissonant. A lot like this video, but, you know, like an hour long.

I am pretty psyched about the new record coming out. I just preordered the LP on Amazon. I wanted to share this with all of you. There’s another one coming later on.