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Month: February 2012 (page 1 of 3)

Mouse On Mars’ “Polaroyced”

Do you remember how in college I used to listen to Idiology basically on repeat? You don’t? What’s wrong with your memory? Go to a doctor.

Mouse on Mars is back with a forthcoming record after a many-year hiatus and they’ve released this video for their first single “Polaroyced”. At the beginning you think the video is going to be a super simple video of El Luchador De Oro dancing around the back streets of Venice, CA, but it ends up being so much more. Floating golden dogs! Exploding palms! Glitter everywhere!

Rio, you’re going to love this one.

Wendy’s Training Videos

These were floating around a few years ago, but never made it to The Black Laser. Well, the time is now!

Presented here for your viewing displeasure are three training videos created by Wendy’s in what looks like the early 90s. And my god are they terrible. They just reek of corporations raping popular culture turning things that were once cool (old school hip hop) into things that are really really not (rapping about sodas for a training video). And for Wendy’s to think that singing soulfully about adding cheese to chili is the best way to reach their new employees is pretty offensive too.

Yet, I love these things. The people in them are just so earnest. The guy and chick in the hot drinks and cold drinks videos respectively just feel like young, starving actors who got their first real job and are so psyched to be there that they could be asked to do anything and they’d do it. It’s kind of endearing, I think. I mean, watch the videos and tell me you won’t be humming the frankly awful songs the rest of the day. Try it. Go ahead. I dare you.

Miracles Club’s “Church Song”

The outfits!

The dancing!

The goats!

The song!


Who knew I could find two amazing videos in one afternoon?!?

Turntablerocker’s “Alles Auf Die 303”

I love this a lot. At first you’re all, “Man, this is a totally normal music video of a panda chilling out in his hotel room. He calls the front desk. What’s weird about this?” And then BOOM—pole dancing chicks emerge from the ceiling. And then it gets better. Watch the whole thing! Enjoy it! It is NOT work safe for you people with serious jobs, but I won’t spoil why not. Needless to say, you’ll like it and if you don’t you’re wrong.

The 2 Bears’ “Be Strong”

I’ve been listening to the new The 2 Bears record a lot recently. Beyond “Bear Hug”, nothing I’d heard from it was really sticking with me very well. But, recently, something changed and I’ve turned around to their particular brand of funky UK house. I don’t know what it was that changed, but sometimes you just give something enough of a chance and eventually it starts clicking with you. That is true for music and books and people.

Anyway, give it a chance and I think you will dig it too. It’s on Spotify, iTunes, where ever, here ever, there ever.

Skrillex’s “Bangarang”


I think Sonny-boy here has some people making fucking fantastic videos for him. Along with the video for “First Of The Year”, the director Tony T. is doing some wonderful work.

The video features a group of young boys holding up an ice cream truck and their eventual transformation into hardened thieves…with heart. AWwwwwwww so cute! Enjoy.

My First Hardcore Song


A Brief Review of Kelly Link’s Stranger Things Happen

I cannot stop talking about this book. Kelly Link’s Stranger Things Happen is one of the most moving, masterful collections of short stories I’ve ever read. I literally (read: figuratively) cannot believe how good it is. Reading it even upset me because I am fairly certain that I will never in my life be able to write something this good. It is so good.

I picked up the book one afternoon last summer at Word here in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a lovely independent book store and if you’re ever in the neighborhood, you should go there and give them your money in exchange for books. Who doesn’t need more books? It was with that thought in mind that I entered Word and browsed through their well-curated selection. Stranger Things Happen was one of the four or five books I bought that day and as soon as it got home it went directly onto my bookshelf and was forgotten. Such is the fate of many books languishing upon my shelves.

After putting down The Girl Who Played With Fire, the second of the dragon tattoo books, which was entirely unremarkable and didn’t warrant my continued attention, I pulled Link’s book off my shelf, dusted it off, and threw it into my bag for the train. I swear I nearly missed my stop because I had my face buried in the book. I didn’t want to get off the train. And I always want to get off the train. I hate the train.

The book contains 11 short stories on all sorts of topics with all sorts of characters (and a lot of cats). They are magical without being ridiculous, difficult without being abstract, feminine without being saccharine, fantastical yet completely real. (Isa, I wrote yours first.) She has managed to blend the real and the unreal into a wholly believable tapestry. The stories are full of mystery and sadness and love and death. I can’t believe you have not already purchased the book. It is SO good.

The quote by Jonathan Lethem on the cover sums the whole thing up quite nicely.

Kelly Link is the exact best and strangest and funniest short story writer on earth that you have never heard of at the exact moment you are reading these words and making them slightly inexact. Now pay for the book.

And guess what? You don’t have to pay for the book! You can download it for free at her website. But I think you should pay for the book because it is amazing and you would be a fool not to support her efforts. I ordered her second collection of short stories yesterday (which is also available for free) directly from their website. Read the book and then come back here and tell me how much you loved it. I loved it. I am sad it is done. However, I intend to do a TBLR of one of the stories. Look out for that.

Thanks for kicking ass, Kelly Link.