This is the worst piece of shit I have heard in quite a long time. Listen to the dude’s voice. It’s terrible. Especially during the first verse. When he says “paint-e-e-ed” I want to shove a knife into his throat and cut out his vocal chords. Affected and terrible. He can barely sing, but he’s trying to do all these vocal somersaults which result in him tumbling awkwardly into the wall. The engineer has fixed his voice during the chorus enough that it is passable and then layered the shit out of it so you don’t notice how bad he is.

Apparently this band is spawned out of Sentenced, another Euro metal band I have no fucking love for. Fuck Sentenced and fuck The Man-Eating Tree. This band sucks and the video is boring.

Ok, I’ll make one exception. Sentenced’s “Excuse Me While I Kill Myself” is a damned catchy song.