The song from This Is Hardcore I really wanted to post was “Glory Days” but it doesn’t have a video, so I went with this one instead. “A Little Soul” is Jarvis Cocker’s conversation between himself and his own absent father, his father telling him not to turn into him and that he was a bastard when Cocker was a kid. He sings, “You look like me/But please don’t turn into me/You look like me/But you’re not like me I hope”. Christ, what a sad, fearful song for him to write, but a sentiment we can all relate to. That fear that you are going to grow up and repeat the same mistakes your parents made is the whole point of the song.

And that is sort of what makes This Is Hardcore so wonderful. Every song is sad and every song is dark, yet every song is catchy and driving and slick. It’s like all this lyrical sadness layered on top of fucking awesome rock music. God, I love it so much. So so much. I have no idea how many hundreds of times I’ve listened to it since 1998.