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Day: November 8, 2011

Cheech & Chong’s “Mexican Americans”

This was the funniest thing on Earth to me when I was 12. It is still way up there. Enjoy.

Wagon Christ’s “Chunkothy”

I’ve always liked the name “Wagon Christ” though it sounds more like an industrial/ebm name than this mellow, sample-based groovy stuff here. But, that doesn’t mean that this video and track aren’t sweet, just that I think of buzzsaws and four on the floor beats and distorted vocals when I hear the words “Wagon” and “Christ” put together. Maybe I’m just mixing it all up with Velvet Acid Christ? That’s probably it. And maybe “wagon” is associated with Wumpscut???? Because that’s what I expect Wagon Christ to sound like, but he does not. Not even close.

I mean, has Luke Vibert ever put out a hard edged electronic music record? I have no idea. Probably not. It’s just that the name Wagon Christ is so evocative. Someone get this guy on Metropolis Records already. Christ.

Jeff Magnum is coming back to Brooklyn!

Man, I was super bummed when I missed Jeff’s Town Hall show recently. The show sold out within seconds and I was not nearly quick enough on the uptake to make it happen. Even worse, Charles ended up not going (what an asshole) and then didn’t even tell me he had extra tickets! WHAT AN ASSHOLE! But he made up for it yesterday when he sent me the link to the listing for Jeff’s January show at BAM. Everything is ok now, Charles.

Now, I don’t know if you’re a Neutral Milk Hotel fan or not (you should be), but I am so excited by the possibility of this show that I felt compelled to share it with all of you. Of course, I feel compelled to share all the time which is what has made this blog stay alive and bristling with nonsense.

Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea was one of those records that resonates strongly with people of a certain (read: my) age. I defy you to find anyone between 27 and 32 with even decent taste in music that doesn’t rank it as one of their all time favorites. Go, now! Before I get angry! Find someone! Anyone!

You can’t do it. That’s because they don’t exist.

Here’s a selection of my favorite tracks from the record.

Don’t you want to go right now?!? I know I do.