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Day: November 7, 2011

Die Antwoord’s “Fok Julle Naaiers”

Hell yes! Die Antwoord is back with a fresh single from their forthcoming record TEN$ION to be released on their new indie label Zef Records after a messy, public split from Interscope. You can’t blame them for leaving Interscope either since the label tried to water down Die Antwoord’s sound and image, to make them more pop-friendly. And that’s just plain wrong. Good on Die Antwoord for sticking to their guns and taking the artistic—if not commercial—high road.

The title of this track translates loosely to “Fuck you fuckers,” which is a perfect title. I was going to say the this video had a paucity of penises compared to their other ones, and then I got the end of the third minute and DJ Hitek came in with his “I’ll fuck you in the ass” section and all my worries about a lack of penises dissipated.

Just in case you needed a little inspiration to kick off your week with flair this Monday morning…

I’ve always found this episode to be the most eminently quotable Ranier Wolfcastle episode of The Simpsons (because it also got us this), followed closely by the film festival episode which gave us this and this. Oh god, there are so many of them. So many!

How can we choose?!?

Akwarian Sea Rebel’s “Urban Tropical Rebel Pop”

I have this friend Mandy and I think she’s pretty fucking cool. But what’s more is that she’s also this super rad musician who has just put out a new album of some soulful, dub-inspired, low tempo, electro hip hop and it’s awesome. Like really awesome. But don’t take my word for it… I mean, do take my word, but also listen to the album embedded above and go see an ASR show if you live in Brooklyn.