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Day: September 12, 2011

Justice’s “Civilization”

So, like, do you remember the other day when I was all, “Just has just released their first single from their new album!” Well, as it turns out, I was totally wrong. This song came out months ago, but somehow I missed it. Oops! I am failing you, my loyal readers!

The video features a bunch of CG buffalo and ruins in the desert and crap. It’s pretty neat. Everything falls apart and the buffalo run around and get smooshed by giant rocks. I feel like more music videos these days need to have buffalo running around getting smooshed by giant rocks. You just don’t get enough of that these days. It’s a shame.

The song itself is fine, I guess. The more I hear, the less excited I am about the album. It’s not bad, exactly, but it is really really boring.

Creative Projects-August: The Black Laser Gets Redesigned, or, Giving Advice To Those Who Don’t Want It

Another month, another series of successes! WOO WOO. I was able to successfully finish the redesign of The Black Laser which was long in coming. I am glad it is done. That was project 8.

I also debuted as Torgeir the Black Metal Extremist over at Vox Critica which is pretty sweet. Giving people advice they don’t want might be the most important thing a person can do for others and I am glad to be inflicting that trauma. Enjoy it. Torgeir was project 9.

You’ll also notice that the counter for this year so far is already at 11. That’s right. Nearly all the way there and only mid-way through September. It’s a far cry from earlier this year when I was struggling to get things done. Feels damned good.

On the other half of the tip, August was a pretty good, moderate month for me. Nothing terribly exciting to report there. The whole “Don’t Go Drinking During The Week By Yourself” thing is working out pretty well for me. Next up? “Don’t Go Drinking By Yourself At All.” Baby steps.

There’s a bunch of stuff to talk about during this month’s wrap up, but it will have to wait. Until then!