Justice, the world’s second favorite French electro duo, are back with a video for their first new single in years, “Audio, Video, Disco.”, from their forthcoming record Audio, Video, Disco.

I am not sure I am in love with the track. I was initially drawn to Justice by their gritty electro take on Goblin. This new track lacks that same griminess, which is a little disappointing. Hopefully the rest of the album has punchier tracks. Justice has certainly taken at least one lesson from the world’s first favorite French electro duo: write one lyric and stick with it.

However! and a big however it is, this video is astounding. We’ve had a string of really cool music videos here on The Black Laser recently and this is just one more to add to the list. So Me’s seamless, faux-single take video is amazing. Ridiculously amazing. The amount of work that went into all the composites in this video blows my mind. And it’s beautifully shot to boot. Just great work.