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Day: August 11, 2011

Tiger Love’s “Gio Gio”

You know how earlier I was all, “Blah blah blah boobies blah blah blah cheeseburgers instead”? You don’t? Ok, WELL, this video makes me feel a similar thing in the sense that it makes me want to throw eggs at people, granted that those people are hot chicks in gold bathing suits. You know, that raises another question: would anyone actually go swimming in one of those things or are they purely for lounging pool/oceanside?

The song itself is pretty good for slick ass synthy disco music. I’m into it. I’d listen to this album while throwing a dance party, driving through the desert, or cooking dinner. Those are all suitable venues for these guys. The woman singer’s voice reminds me of the woman from Vocoder quite a bit, but separated by time and geography and grocerystoreness.

I dug around Spotify, Amazon, and the Googles for more on these guys but all I can find is their Myspace and Facebook pages which seems to indicate that they’re fairly new on the scene. I hope to see and hear more out of these folks in the future as I can never really have too much cheesey synthy dance music in my life. They have a few more videos which I’ll be posting over the next few days intermingled with other content so you don’t get too overwhelmed.

WAT’s “Kill Kill”

You know, I suspect I am supposed to be all, “Oh damn, look at these fly honies! I LOVE fly honies!” after watching this music video for a song I’ve never heard before by someone who I’ve never heard of, but, really, all I thought was, “Damn, I want a burger.”

Who wants to eat a burger with me tonight? My fridge is broken so I had to toss its contents which means no din-din at home. Let’s eat burgers!