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Day: July 25, 2011

Bligg’s “Manhattan”

Apparently, there’s this Swiss rapper of sorts that has a hit in his native country right now. If you were paying attention and had watched the video above already, then you’d have done the logical math and recognized that I was talking about the dude in the video. He’s some dude named Bligg which is a play on his last name, Bliggensdorfer. Bliggensdorfer is a pretty metal surname and it is of The Black Laser’s enlightened opinion that he ought to have kept that.

And just what the hell is going on in this video? There’s dude—Bligg—and a miniature child version of himself that has a beard and they are dancing together and that’s pretty weird. Even stranger is that they seems to be dancing in a warehouse full of salt mounds. Having lived in New York for a decade, I must say that there are few images that evoke a sense of this place as profoundly as mounds of salt in nondescript warehouses. Add to that the 1920s newsie styling and the random chick in the flapper dress and I get an idea of where they’re coming from, I guess. Of course, there’s not a single shot of Manhattan in the video, but we’ll forgive that conceptual oversight.

What have we learned from this video? Well, for one, singing in Swiss German sounds right weird. Two, sometimes spending a little money on a music video helps. Three, this song is as competent as any current American pop music, and just as insipid. Four, Beastie Boys samples (oh the irony!) can make pretty much anything better for a moment. Five, Bligg blows. Six, it reminded me of one of my favorite Swiss bands ever, not because they sound similar at all, but because they are both Swiss. And now, I know, you’re all curious about what my favorite Swiss band is, aren’t you? Admit it. YOU ARE CURIOUS!

Ok, it’s Celtic Frost. Enjoy!!!

Cults’ “Go Outside”

This video is dark as hell and of questionable taste which makes it absolutely perfect material for The Black Laser. I’m not going to even bother explaining what’s going on in it. If you don’t get it immediately, you probably have no business here so just move along.