You know yesterday I was all, “Oh man, Jayherrod1 is sooo great” and whatever? Well, I was totally right about that, but I’ve also found some new hot business on Youtube that I just absolutely must share with you. He goes by the handle slipoka. I don’t know what the hell it means, nor do I care.

I have never before taken advice from disheveled shirtless men, and though I am not going to starts now, slipoka is trying to change my mind. He’s failed, but he’s trying. I think my favorite thing about this video is the obvious care that went into its production. First we have the sleeping dog on the love seat in the back. Then we have laundry strewn about the same love seat. And don’t let’s forget that he hasn’t combed his hair. Or put on a shirt, which we can only assume is in the pile of laundry on the love seat. I also get a kick out of the fact that he cares so much that he couldn’t do a second take in which he does not receive a text message. Production values THROUGH THE ROOF.

When you’re done with Jayherrod1, pop on over to the old Yotubes and check out the remaining 102 videos posted by slipoka.

And because I’d be remiss in my duties you, my loyal readers and consumers of my brain’s mania, here is his cover of Journey’s “Open Arms”.


I know.

Do you think Rebecca was mad after hearing that?