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Day: June 16, 2011

90-year-old man recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII

I hope that, if I ever reach 90, I have stories like this. Incredible.

A visit from the Birthday Skeleton…

I sure hope that I get a visit from the Birthday Skeleton tonight…

A Visit From the Birthday Skeleton

I have no idea who made this, but I absolutely love it.

Meat Beat Manifesto’s “Helter Skelter 97”

This morning I watched a music video that I wanted to like, but just didn’t. Nor did I hate it. It fell into that gray limbo space of “not getting posted on The Black Laser”. However, the video was for a track remixed by Meat Beat Manifesto which made me realize I’ve never posted any MBM here before. That changes now.

Meat Beat Manifesto are an electronic group fronted by Jack Dangers (not his real name) that has spanned a wide variety of electronic sub-genres over their career. Coming out of the techno scene in the UK, they’ve grown into something wholly unidentifiable. Are they jungle? Drum n bass? EBM? Industrial? Who knows. And, really, who cares. MBM were one of the first real electronic acts I got into back in the 90s and were hugely influential on my musical tastes. I first encountered them with 1996’s Subliminal Sandwich, their fifth album, and still one of my favorites.

I’m not exactly sure how I first found MBM, but it doesn’t really matter now. When so much mid-90s electronic music sounds dated as all hell (Fatboy Slim, I’m looking at you), MBM still sound fresh and different. If you want some cool, dark, weird electronic music, check this shit out. If you’re going to start, though, I recommend starting where I did at Subliminal Sandwich, unless you’re a huge early 90s UK techno fan, in which case you already know about Meat Beat Manifesto.

edit\\ You’ll notice in this video, which predates The Matrix, that they are totally doing that camera thing that The Matrix made so popular. That is, setting up a rack of still cameras in an arc around action that all shoot an image at once so that it looks like a moment is frozen in three dimensions. Progressive as hell, MBM.

Cauldron’s “All or Nothing”

These guys were born 25 years too late, but that doesn’t stop them from having produced a ripping video for this song.

Also, good morning! I’ve been up since 6. Why? Who knows.