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Day: May 29, 2011

Holy Ghost!’s “Wait & See”

Ever wondered what it was like to live in Williamsburg/Greenpoint? This is pretty close. It even features the crazy thrift store by my house that has a basement full of unsorted records and an incredible collection of gay porn on VHS. Seriously. Super cool video.

I dig Holy Ghost!’s record. I think, at points, it tends to get a little flat, but that overall they are a band worth paying attention to. I hope they raise it up a notch for the sophomore record and blow my brains out.

Summer 2010 Ice Cream mix

After he read my previous post on the subject of ice cream, the inimitable Charles Vestal sent me a mix he made last summer that is entirely ice cream themed.

Here’s the tracklist:

01 – new young pony club – Ice Cream
02 – jonathan richman – Ice Cream Man
03 – johnny osbourne – ice cream love
04 – quix o tic – IceCreamSundae
05 – channel_3000_-_holiday_and_ice_cream
06 – tilly and the wall – Poor Man’s Ice Cream
07 – aitanna77_-_licking_ice_cream_cones
08 – Ariane – Ice Cream
09 – SoftTigers-MrIceCream_MiamiHorrorRemix
10 – the time – Ice Cream Castles
11 – cibo matto – White Pepper Ice Cream
12 – sarah maclachlan – Ice Cream
13 – dan deacon Biggle Hat was Ice-Cream Time(Card Shark Nose Nose)
14 – Nivea – Taste My Ice Cream
15 – the jolenes – ice cream
16 – pissed jeans-ive-still-got-you-ice-cream
17 – le_remede-ice_cream_ft._keny_arkana
18 – muscles – Ice Cream

Pretty fun mix overall. I mean, I have no love for Sarah MacLachlan, but whatever. Ice cream songs all around!

Summer 2010 Ice Cream Mix ~102mb

Two wildly different yet ridiculously similar songs about ice cream

First is Breakdown’s “Ice Cream”.

Second is Cazwell’s “Ice Cream Truck”

It’s officially summertime here in New York City regardless of what the calendar says. The AC is on and ice cream trucks are roaming the streets, their songs competing over each other to serve you lackluster but often necessary frozen treats. While hiding from Sunday and watching dance music videos on my Roku (what, you don’t do that?) I happened upon the first video for Breakdown’s “Ice Cream” and it occurred to me that it was sonically and thematically very much like Black Laser favorite Cazwell’s song and video for “Ice Cream Truck”. Then I thought this would make an excellent post so here we are. Isn’t life fun?

Which do you prefer? I know which I like more, but I will withhold declaring a preference. Without giving anything away, I do like that the two videos are a conflict between my west coast roots and my east coast choice. Dance dance dance, kids.

I also saw what might be the single worst music video I’ve ever seen today so that will probably get posted later. Got to keep you people on your toes as I work toward a thousand posts. Getting closer and closer!